The eldest daughter of Henri Aldrimar IV and the only daughter of his first wife Rhlain, Zimera was always doted upon by her father.  She was both beautiful and charming and enamored of plants and things that grow.  She would frequently be found in the gardens, covered in dirt from planting fruits and vegetables of all kinds, much to her mother's chagrin.  When she was eighteen, she was married to Azur Galta, king of a far away northern kingdom.  She was to be his second wife, and stepmother to his three daughters.  Though she did not revel in the prospect at first, her new king was enamored of her and spared no expense for her pleasure, even building a glass roof for one of his courtyards, giving it over to her as a garden for the long northern winters.

Though she soon grew to lover her new king, they had difficulty concieving, and had only a single child in their seven years together, a daughter.  She had proven herself politically valuable as well, someone worthy of sharing the rule of with, and Azur agreed to arrage a marriage of his eldest daughter to Zimera's nephew, Henri Aldrimar V.  Azur died shortly after his daughter's wedding, and his eldest daughter became the new queen.  Zimera stayed for a while in Greycastle, her mother's childhood home before returning north.