Elves are a race of tall, pointed eared humanoids who have made their home in Dvorieth. Their oldest legends claim they are not natives of Dvorieth, but hail from Zelmera, a hidden land across the sea. It is said they sailed east from their home seeking new lands, but their ship was damaged and they have not been able to return to their homeland in millenia.

A schism occured amongst the elves. Some claimed that their mission had been one of colonization. That they were sent across the sea to prepare a home for the rest of their people when they arrive. The others took a darker view. They were convinced that they had been exiled by their own people and sought to abandon the traditions of their fathers and begin anew. The Exiles split from the body of the elves and wandered Dvorieth for many years before finally settling in the desert. They call their home Kehus. The Colonists settled in a secluded land on western shores of Dvoriath which they named Ara, and continue to wait for the elves of Zelmera to arrive.

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