Sairetha, or the City at the Center of the World, is one of the oldest centers of power in the world. Once a Razeni  colony strategically located at the straights between the Eastern and Western Seas, Sairetha has dominated trade in the world for almost two millennium. Though their soverign territory has long been reduced since the Fall of Razenor, the government in Sairetha can still rightfully claim to be a direct continuation of Old Razenor.

The like the Razeni before them, the emperors of Sairetha still maintain a professional standing army, and keep the worlds most advanced navies. While the city's population is large, their reduced territory deprives them of the many citizen-soldiers of Razeni days and they are forced to depend on foreign mercenaries and nearby tribesmen for much of their defense. It was this practice that ultimately sparked the Crusades.

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