Blackliff is the largest city in the Northlands. Founded by a collection of six wealthy aristocratic families from the Southern Kingdoms. Blackliff was settled and quickly became known as a haven of free trade and political refuge, far away from the traditional monarchical governments of the Southern Kingdoms. Over the next few hundred years, new cities began popping up all over the Northlands, with nearly all of their wealth and resources flowing into Blackliff and becoming the property of the Houses.

On an island in the center of the city sits the Silent Tower , an ancient structure that predates the city by thousands of years. A powerful spell has sealed the doors and the sheer walls offer no holds for the would be climber. The people of Blackliff avoid the tower, considering it a holy place that should not be disturbed.


Blackliff was founded two hundred years ago by a coalition of Houses from the Southern Kingdoms.

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