Sir Adelvar the Knightly is the son of a farmer and former squire to Sir Roan, Lord Commander of Henric's Kingsguard.

Early LifeEdit

Adelvar was a poor boy growing up on the farm.  When he was young, he was selected by Sir Olrich to squire for him at a tournament.  Impressed by his diligence, Olrich made him a full time squire after purchasing him from his parents.  They traveled together for a time, and Adelvar was eventually trained with the sword and lance and taught the code of chivalry.  Olrich frequently encouraged his knightly ambitions, and would brag about his squire at tournaments - a fact that inflated Adelvar's teenage ego.


Olrich had always been a bit of a drunk, but at the King's Tournament in Zael, he over did it and was unable to compete.  His seventeen year old squire Adelvar took his place in secret, entering the tournament.

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